Opossum Removal

Nuisance opossum removal is pretty simple. Opossums are not the smartest of animals, in fact they do don’t show much intelligence at all.  As a way of life nuisance opossums love to eat dead animals and love to den under decks and porches. Typically because they are not skilled predators nor are they really capable of creating a suitable den from scratch. Combine these two together and you have nuisance opossums dragging dead animals on your property attracting flies and bringing foul dead animal odors. Which also presents the rick of disease as most dead animals die from some type of cause.

Humane Opossum Trapping

Opossum removal is quite simple in terms of steps to be done for removal as well when it comes to how to get rid of opossums that are becoming a nuisance. Opossum trapping will get rid of opossums from your yard, garage or shed areas. The best baits typically used for catching problem opossums is really anything better than what an possum would find in a garbage because they will eat anything including dead rotting carcasses. Opossum removal is done on the ground usually along edges they like to naturally follow, despite their ability to climb. Sometimes they follow these edges and you have an opossum in your window well that you need to remove. If you are in need possum removal or want to know how to get rid of a nuisance opossum, give us a call. Humane opossum trapping is the only real solution to remove nuisance opossums. If you feel you may need nuisance opossum trapping services feel free to give us a call at anytime. We do not use opossum repellents nor do we scare opossums from yard. If you try and deter a nuisance opossum it will eventually come back.