Wildlife Control Services

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  • Raccoon Removal
  • Skunk Removal
  • Squirrel Removal
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  • Wildlife Control
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Raccoon Trapping & Removal

Are you in need of getting rid of nuisance raccoons that have decided to take up residence in your home or under a deck or stoop? We expertly remove raccoons from homes by humane raccoon trapping and also provide baby raccoon removal for mother raccoons that have decided to give birth in you attic. Baby raccoon removal can be very difficult as mother raccoons take their babies to the most difficult areas to access in order to keep them safe.

This means at times to perform baby raccoon removal we must take down soffits, cut open ceilings and dig through tight areas of attic insulation to retrieve them. Before we do any baby raccoon removal services we must complete the raccoon trapping to eliminate the mother from the scenario. At times if threatened she will start moving her babies to separate areas thus creating a bigger raccoon removal situation.

When it comes to raccoon trapping we diligently work to remove the raccoons as fast as possible to prevent any further damage, as nuisance raccoons inside of an attic will smash attic insulation completely leaving it useless causing a spike in heating and cooling bills. The cost is estimated at a 50% increase in cost with damaged attic insulation due to raccoons needing attic restoration. Along with smashing the attic insulation their entry point can allow water to get inside of the attic. Not only does this allow water damage to the insulation but the entire home as well including structure and drywall.

We offer attic restoration services for homeowners that need damages restored and mitigate your claim as well for you with your home owners insurance to make sure you are fairly treated and taken care of. Luckily with raccoon removal services, attic restoration from nuisance raccoon damage is one service that home owners insurance does cover unlike if you has a squirrel problem.

Raccoon feces is another concern. Raccoon feces carries a parasite that can and does effect humans and pets called Baylisascaris, or raccoon round worm. This parasite leaves about 26,000 eggs per gram of raccoon feces, these eggs are very sticky and durable that can lie dormant for up to 7 years until inhaled or ingested. The effects include central nervous system deterioration and blindness. The Animal Planet actually featured this parasite on the popular show monsters inside me. See the video here.

Professional Naperville & Downers Grove raccoon control is always needed once the area is breached by either tearing their way through or failure of building materials.

We provide professional Naperville raccoon removal by trapping and offer full clean up and damage repair services including raccoon exclusion for prevention.

Skunk Trapping & Removal

Nuisance skunks, although much more common in the suburbs do inhabit Naperville & Downers Grove and for this we offer skunk trapping in Naperville & Downers Grove to get rid of skunks once they have a made a home under your deck or concrete stoop. The odor have make a home unbearable to live inside for months. We provide odor removal & guaranteed skunk proofing for concrete stoops and decks for future prevention.

Squirrel Trapping & Removal

Squirrels can be your worst nightmare when inside an attic. Nuisance squirrels will gnaw wires that can cause home fires (est. 30k per year across the U.S.) as well as smash attic insulation as they move about the space. Since squirrel damage is not usually covered by home owners insurance, we offer the best Naperville & Downers Grove squirrel removal and control packages for extremely fast removal.

Wildlife Trapping & Additional Services

When nuisance animals cross the barrier of home or business we are here to quickly stop the problem. We know the potential damages caused by wildlife whether it be raccoon tearing holes in a home roof and smashing insulation, squirrels gnawing wires potentially causing fires or skunks spraying under a concrete stoop leaving a lasting repulsive odor for months. Problem wildlife entering a structure open up a world of problems for the home or business owner. We repair those damages back to original condition. This includes removing nesting accumulation, feces removal from animals such as raccoons and bats, crushed attic insulation replacement from wildlife trailing through blown insulation, soffit and fascia repairs and most importantly animal exclusion services. Wildlife exclusion is done with steel for decks, stoops and vents to prevent future entry. Once all wildlife problems have been solved we offer odor removal treatments to kill residual smells left behind that can attract new animals to the now vacant den as well as offer skunk odor removal services.