Wildlife Exclusion

Animal Proofing Services

Have you just noticed a torn entry on your roof or home and hear a heavy creature crawling and clawing around in your attic? Racoons and squirrels are powerful & capable creatures, capable of tearing their way through nearly any common building material. Our nuisance wildlife exclusion comprises of using steel that is stronger than any building store materials and is capable of outlasting most home construction materials such as wood, metal vents & fans, fencing, hardware cloth, screen, or soffits that raccoons, squirrels and skunks use to gain entry to your home. Animal proofing only needs to properly done once if done correctly, with the right materials, to ensure animals never make entry again.

As a home owner when faced with a wildlife problem often animal proofing the hole without proper nuisance wildlife exclusion methods might end in magnifying the problem. Steps must be followed before animal proofing is done. A racoon or squirrel trapped in an attic is going to try and tear its way back out of your home or even further into it right through the drywall ceiling potentially bringing physical harm and disease to your family. Nuisance wildlife exclusion methods involving raccoons, squirrels and skunks require removal of all wildlife before the structure of the home can be repaired. Afterward a homeowners options are indeed animal proofing the entry point.

With wildlife once an animal has been removed from your home another will seek out that den by smell and inhabit it once again since no animal is currently present to defend the territory. Without proper materials used in nuisance wildlife exclusion, a powerful raccoon finding an old den covered back up by common building materials can choose to rip through the original den area, even if it is a smaller animal such as a squirrel looking for shelter.

With wildlife, based upon the vacancy and prior lived in scent of the den or areas inhabited in your home a number of many available wildlife will fill its place. Squirrels can chew through the flat of walls if they need. The heavy gauge steel used in our wildlife exclusion is a material that squirrels cannot chew through, and raccoons cannot tear through. These wildlife are diligent and determined creatures when shelter is the goal.

How do you identify which type of wildlife you have and what further action is necessary? If you hear a fast scattering in the early hours of sunrise, then you have a squirrel problem, however if you hear something sounding like a human walking in your attic, then chances are you have a raccoon problem. Scratching noises, although louder then expected are usually mice. Upon removal of such wildlife in your home or apartment building in, animal proofing is your only method in which to prevent all future inhabitants of any and all species that will aim to replace that wildlife. The relationship between wildlife and humans is a fragile line that must be dealt with carefully and skillfully. Proper capture means by humane trapping, removal and a clear line of prevention with a material that simply cannot be breached by these wildlife is the only sure way to be nuisance wildlife problem free.