Squirrel Removal

Our squirrel removal program is second to none in terms of effectiveness, price structure and timing from start to completion with guaranteed squirrel proofing.

What makes our squirrel trapping program so effective is our intense set up usually resulting in total squirrel removal within a few days. We get right where the squirrels are or are entering and aggressively set up squirrel traps for fast removal as with squirrels time is everything. Most people do not realize the problems associated with having squirrels in a home, they cause damage and lots of it that usually is NOT covered by homeowners insurance. Being a part of the thirty thousand hoe and business fires yearly fro gnawing wires, a squirrel problem in your home can escalate quite quickly.

Squirrel Control and Exclusion

After we get rid of squirrels and the home is deemed cleared and free of nuisance squirrels we then provide squirrel exclusion services or in other words squirrel proofing to ensure complete lasting squirrel control. All of our squirrel proofing is done with steel as you may already have found out, they can chew through most building materials including sheet metal, flashing and wire mesh. We have seen many attempts at squirrel control fail due to materials that are gnawed through in only a matter of time Our squirrel exclusion is custom fabricated to the structure so it is aesthetically pleasing as well as durable enough to stand up to the outdoor elements and the powerful teeth of squirrels. Our materials can be painted to match as well giving an even more hidden appearance.

Squirrels typically will enter the same areas on all homes. These areas include soffits, fascia boards, roof lines weakened by rotted wood, attic fans and vents, exhaust vents, chimneys, peak vents and gable vents. All these areas are usually left easily accessible by the builder or have come equipped with a factory screen that will not keep much more then a small bird out.

Most nuisance squirrels in Illinois needing professional squirrel removal have 2 litters of young per year. In the northern portion of Illinois we have populations of grey with the occasional flying squirrel populations, a little further south of the Wisconsin border squirrel control is needed for grey and fox squirrel species which can be differentiated by the either grey or reddish coloration. In both nuisance squirrel species, 3-5 squirrels are usually trapped and removed before a home is clear and free of problem squirrels needing removal.

We have different pricing options for all scenarios as not all squirrel removal needs are the same for each home or business owner. Our packages include a home inspection, squirrel trap set up, complete squirrel removal, and squirrel proofing of the entry point. For those that do not have a large colony we offer per squirrel removal service fees.

No matter what your squirrel removal or squirrel control need we have you covered. We provide complete squirrel removal services from all of our locations; Naperville and Fox Lake servicing all towns in between. This covers areas of Cook, DuPage, Will, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties. Call today for your squirrel removal needs!

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