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Complete Home Inspection

Before traps are set a home inspection is performed to find all entry points as well as any areas that may be vulernable to animal entry. Once all of the areas are located, a plan is put together to set traps in the most effective places possible.


Humane Animal Removal

First and foremost, humane methods are our highest priority. We always use traps that are both effective as well as humane. Trap placement is key to eliminate any animals that are not the target animal(s). With animals being highly territorial, we use this to our advantage.

Cleanup & Damage Repair

After the animals have been removed from the area, there is always animal remnants that will attract other animals to the now vacant den site. Blood, hair, urine, feces, gland odors and even carcasses can all be found in animal dens. Along with these attractants, wildlife in homes can cause serious damage. We repair and restore damage and also offer attic restoration when attic insulation has been smashed and destroyed. When animals enter through a roof, chain effect damages are also caused such as water and mold damage from water/ snow entering the home though holes made.

Guaranteed Animal Proofing

The most important step of all 4 of these steps is animal proofing the home. Many homeowers that have gone decades without a problem are mind boggled that they all of a sudden have reoccurring animal problems. Sadly, once a home has animals it’s impossible to remove all odors and the home becomes a beacon for animals looking for aditional den sites. We use high quality, wildlife proof materals that are not sold in home improvement stores. This insures that animals can not get through considering they can and do boar right through new roofing and shingles to enter an attic.

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Carol Stream, IL Squirrel Removal Services

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Burr Ridge, IL Squirrel Removal Services

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