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Naperville Wasp RemovalDo you require bee, wasp, or hornet removal services in the Naperville, IL area? The Naperville Pest Control Pros can fix your problem today. Get in touch with our group today so we can set up the appointment to come out and repair your problem today. We have been supplying bee & wasp removal options for many years in the past, and years to come.

Get the finest in pest control when planning bee, wasp, or hornet removal. Specialist pest control is offered in the Naperville, Illinois community. Personnel is trained in making use of chemical and non-chemical regiments. Our service is prepared to talk about these details with consumers. A clear list of our techniques is readily available to customers.

Naperville Wasp Problems

Many pest problems can be fixed with DIY approaches, a wasp nest is a problem you do not desire to tackle by yourself. Wasp and hornet stings are not only uncomfortable, however can be dangerous, particularly if assaulted by a swarm. If at all possible, we utilize non-toxic and non-chemical wasp removal techniques. Unless it is a small easy available nest we usually have to bring out the big weapons. All of our service technicians are trained in Integrated-Pest-Management, and we make use of the most safe and least hazardous eco-friendly pest control items offered for companies to use. After the nest is removed we use a protective treatment that will prevent the wasps or hornets from coming back. Bee removal in Naperville is something we do as well, and we focus on getting rid of Carpenter bees that can cause damage to your house and other wood on your property. For bee hive removal of a honey bee nest, we recommend contacting a bee keeper, as these are non-pest species and a bee keeper will generally come and gather them totally free. Honey bee problems are extremely unusual so this is seldom a problem. As the very best pest control company for wasp, hornet, and bee problems, we have seen it all. We have actually removed wasp nests in trees, attics, walls, basements, in the ground, and pretty much any other place that a person can imagine. As a cost effective exterminator in the Dupage county area, we are here to assist!

Bees, wasps and hornets are common summertime insects that trigger distress in lots of people and can, in some instances, trigger damage to residential and commercial structures. The main types Prairie State Wildlife staff assist consumers with consist of paper wasp types, yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets and honey bees. Each species requires different control techniques and methods.

Paper wasp types often produce pancake shaped nests and frequently construct them at the peak of a roof, under the soffit and in little cavities on and around the house. Their nests can also be found under decks, deck rails and inside outside patio area furnishings. Not extremely aggressive, if one were to come very close to the nest and the wasps find movement, they will defend their nest and sting.

Yellowjacket species build nests in rodent burrows, planters and inside cavities in buildings. The yellow coat queen will overwinter inYellowjackets feeding among garbage. the cavity and begin nest structure and laying eggs in the spring. By late summertime these nest may include lots of countless wasps. In a building typically there is no sign of any nesting activity, however occasionally a nest is built near a wall made of drywall. The yellowjackets, when in close proximity to the wall, will chew the wallboard in order to expand their nest. Ultimately the wasps chew their method through the wallboard reaching the layer of paint on the wall. The paint gathers moisture from the everyday activities of the nest and consumers will discover a wet spot on the wall. Oftentimes clients will poke a hole in the wall while examining. The yellowjackets begin to investigate the opening and begin to enter the residence. Consumers panic and spray pesticide into the hole. The outcome is an alarm action from the wasps and the space will soon be swallowed up with angry defensive wasps. We suggest if a hole establishes you open a neighboring window, seal the door and call Prairie State Wildlife. The wasps will calmly get in the space and fly out the window.

Once the entry point into the residence is located do not cover the hole and do not spray with hornet spray. The outcome of these actions will drive the wasps to seek another exit and soon the bugs will find their way into the living area of the home.

Bald-face hornets occasionally build their nests on houses and structures. Century hornets can often be observed near the entryway to the nest and are the very first line of defense. The nest, like all yellowjackets, will die off in the winter season but not before producing queen hornets to start brand-new hornet nests the list below year.

Honey bees normally cause little concern for customers unless the types is swarming near or nesting inside a residence.

When treating honey bee hives one must be prepared to eliminate the honey and comb after treating the hive with pesticide. During warm weather periods, the bees fan the comb and honey with their wings.


Any kind of stinging bug can end up being a problem to a property owner. We desire our clients to be able to take pleasure in the lovely outdoors without any uneasiness of being stung. Lots of bees, wasps, and hornets can sting numerous times and attack in large numbers. These stinging insects pose the best threat to adults and children who are seriously allergic to them. This is the primary factor we highly recommend you give us a call at the very first indication of a possible nest. Our specialists are trained to spot habits and characteristics of each type of bee, wasp, or hornet understood to the Chicagoland area.